Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I did during CNY in Melbourne

It's 11.58pm. I couldn't sleep so I hopped on my cute doggy cushion and decided to blog. It has been awhile since my last post. I love to blog but what I could say : I have a real boring life right now, so nothing much I could write. My school commences on the March, basically I still have a month to go and it's 24 hours a day, so rounded up would be 720 hours. @@ OMG! Are you guys ever feel the same when holiday starts you wish it was shorter but when it's close to the end, you wish it was longer! lol. Human, you can never understand them! So at last, I decided to get myself a part time job. Yes after been putting myself to shame for 2 years, I start to earn my own money. Why do I say putting myself in shame is that most of my friends have been working part time during the holiday while I were at home.I would finally say that's a big achievement in my life!! Tomorrow will be the last day of my training and I'll officially be part of the staff members :)  What I've been learning these days? Mostly cleaning, making milk tea and japanese pancake :D  I think we have to come to the end of the post, Happy CNY to all!  I'll upload a few photos of what I'd done during CNY :D

Pre-CNY eve dinner since boyfriend had to work on CNY eve.
Roasted duck and pork (bought), butter prawn (by my awesome boyfriend) and braised pork belly (by me)
Photo taken at CNY eve dinner with my relatives
CNY must do - wearing red (luckiness). 
So I'm wearing red nails colour, red pants and red platform wedges at chu 3.


  1. Looking good girl!

  2. is good to have CNY dinner although at Melborne... XD